Thursday, December 9, 2010

¿Frida Kahlo in Zihuatanejo?

American artist, Judith Kindler refers to Frida Kahlo's influence on her work in an article by Rebecca Teagarden of the as "instrumental in a very personal way".

Kindler says of Kahlo. "Kyle [Kindler's husband] and I were in Mexico a few years before the Frida Kahlo craze. We stumbled upon this woman in Zihuatanejo who ran a private museum. She took us on a backroom tour of Frida Kahlo's life through an artist's work... I have always been hiding behind humor. Seeing the strength [Frida] had visually to reveal her pain helped me do that. Being open to letting people see more into me".

The Seattle multidisciplinary artist has a postcard of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on her refrigerator: "She's on here to remind me to open up; we all have these similar emotional experiences."

Judith Kindler has a new series of photographs, "Don´t Hate Me Because I´m Beautiful". (

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