Tuesday, December 14, 2010

7 Tourist Attractions in Zihuatanejo

According to Mapsoftheworld.com, the tourist attractions of Zihua have attracted very many people from all over the World.

Among them here are my seven favorites:

1. Stunning Beaches
Great for swimmers, surfers and for snorkeling in the underwater canyons and coral formations surrounded by crystal clear blue water

2. Water Sports
Sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving trips, etc.

3. Local Cruises
There are numerous local boat tours and cruises that include "stops at good places for swimming, snorkeling and diving... watch the sun go down and take a picture of the sinking sun from the cruise".

4. Sports Fishing
Zihua is one of the finest places in Mexico for sports fishing

5. Horseback Riding
On the beach and through coconut, papaya and mango plantations

6. Golf and Tennis
Swing your racquet and your club surrounded by the natural beauty of Zihua

7. Ecotourism Activities
Such as hiking, kayaking, excursions, bicycling, etc.

So many ways to energize yourself in Zihuatanejo!