Monday, July 5, 2010

Taste the Flavor of Zihua with the recipe for "Tiritas"

Authenticity is inherent to any time spent in Zihuatanejo. One way to taste the flavor of the town is through their popular "Tiritas", (fish strips) thah that celebrates the freshness of the sea.

A popular Zihua recipe for "Tiritas" consists of:
- Fresh fish, tuna, dorado, gruper, sailfish, marlin, bonito
- Lime juice
- Red onion
- Chiles serranos
- Salt

Cut the filet of fish in thin strips ("Tiritas"), then cut the red onion and the chiles the same way. Cook the fish in the lime juice by allowing it to marinate for about 20 minutes. Place the fish strips on the plate, then on the fish, lay the red onion, chiles and salt. Pile on to corno chips or crackers.

Buen provecho! (Enjoy!)