Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The NYT in Zihuatanejo

The NYT and its
Travel section recently visited the enchanting town of Zihuatanejo in an article entitled "Dreamy Days on Mexican Sands".

The author, Megan Harlan, compares this jewel of the Mexican Riviera to other more famous resorts like Acapulco, Mazatl├ín and Puerto Vallarta, praising "Zihua´s authentic small-town charm".

Harlan, a writer and poet from San Francisco, writes about Zihuatanejo´s unique natural gifts -- "sheltered, diamond-shaped bay... fringed by creamy beaches" with "red foothills of the Sierra Madre, leafy with coconut palms and mango trees" and "by night... little lights from the adobe buildings studding the hills and the sailboats bobbing on the water".

La Ropa, "Zihuatanejo´s most stunning beach" is described by her as a "half-mile crescent of powdery sand snugly bookended by glistening cliffs [where] restaurant tables spill onto the sand, inviting quick dips in the warm ocean waters between refreshments".

Zihua, she recounts, also appeals to the "city people" inside her because of the "good selection of restaurants and shops". The fresh ingredients of the restaurant menus, a delight just like the shopping for local quality artwork.

Harlan enjoys and portrays a fascinating World of palapas, brilliant blue days, large black-winged gulls, dachshund-size iguanas posing motionless on a branch, coral reef lagoon with feathery turquoise, iridescent violet and tiger-striped fish, sunset streaked water...