Monday, May 31, 2010

When is renting a Luxury Villa in Zihuatanejo less expensive than a hotel room?

This is a well kept secret that only seasoned travelers know about.

It might sound incredible, but sometimes you end up paying less money when you rent a Luxury Villa than when you stay at a hotel.

Case in point: The high-season rate (arriving Dic 1, 2010) quoted in Expedia for a double room in Tides Zihuatanejo Hotel in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, starts at $350 dollars. That is for a double room for two persons.

Yet for $1,000 usd per night you can rent a Luxury Villa just for yourself and family and friends with 4 suites (8 persons) AND private infinity pool and jacuzzi, free cable & internet access, all the services included and the best view of the beautiful Zihuatanejo Bay (check it out for yourself at

To "rest my case", let's do the math: in Tides Zihuatanejo Hotel you would need to ditch out $1,400 dlls per night for the 4 rooms needed to accommodate 8 persons (2 per room), compared to the $1,000 bucks you would pay in a Luxury Villa, a savings of 40%! ... and let me tell you that the experience of staying in a Villa surely beats staying at a hotel in privacy, exclusivity, uniqueness and the "overall enjoyment" factor.

So now you know-- next time enjoy your vacations more while you spend less by renting a Luxury Villa!