Monday, June 7, 2010

Seaside Wedding in Zihuatanejo

A Seaside Wedding in Zihuatanejo, Mexico is for you if:

  • You always envisioned your wedding dress softly dancing with the sea breeze while sunlight highlights your hair
  • If you close your eyes, you can hear the murmur of the waves in the background while you say "I do!"
  • If you think the best treat to your senses are lush gardens and tropical flowers
  • You always dreamed of your maids of honor barefoot in the sand
  • If you think wedding banquets in hotels are for people that lack imagination

To top this all, another great advantage, according to Lorin of San Francisco is what you can save by having a seaside wedding in Zihuatanejo: "I spent half of what my friends did on their weddings" (

So, honey, check out these faaaabulous Villas in Zihuatanejo and... make your dream come true!