Monday, December 20, 2010

Zihuatanejo Annual International Sailfish Tournament

The XXVIII Edition of the Zihuatanejo Annual International Sailfish Tournament will be taking place in 2011 the first week of May in this Pacific coast paradise of Zihuatanejo..

Last year, the organizing committee of this world-class fishing tournament announced more than 200 competitors participated in the event and the proceeds were matched by the municipal government and destined to a community cause or project.

As in years past, vehicles will be the major prizes to be won awarded to the fisherman who traps the biggest sailfish, marlin or mahi-mahi. During this season, sailfish in this area can reach up to 175 pounds.

Zihuatanejo is considered an important fishing port due to its abundance of species, where you can also catch grouper, sierra, barracuda, yellow tail and bonito.

Nowadays, eco-friendly fishing is the practice with sailfish caught and immediately released.